Our Services

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We start with an initial consultation with you, our client, over the phone and in person. Our Atlanta mold testing specialists will return your call and visit your property right away. The mold inspection specialist will ask you if you have had any of the following issues: problems with high humidity or moisture, odors of moldy or mildew, any recent leaks in your roof or plumbing, or if there is any mold that is that you have seen on your property.

Step 2: Inspection for Mold

Step 2 in our process is the visual inspection of the property. Our Atlanta mold specialist inspects the property for the occurrence of mold or potential mold hazards like leaks or overly humid areas. Our Atlanta mold specialists may use such tools to help in the inspection such as:

  • A Hydrometer (measures Indoor Humidity Levels)
  • Moisture Meter (Checks Levels of Moisture)
  • Laser Thermometers (Inspects AC Unit Operation & Temps of Surfaces)
  • Borescopes (Lets us View the Inside of Walls)

Step 3: Mold Sampling

Actually seeing mold with the naked eye isn’t always possible. Because of this we will take samples of the air. These air samples can determine what type of mold we are dealing with on your property. We will take air samples both indoors and outdoors in order to compare the spore count. We still may need to take further samples to provide the most accurate account of the mold around the property. Mold sampling may include:

  • The use of a carpet cassette to sample mold in the carpet
  • Surface scrapings where mold is or could be present
  • Surface swab samples
  • Bulk samples may be taken using small samples cut away from the area of the building that is contaminated with mold

Step 4: Analysis of Samples

We send all samples of mold and spores to a AIHA accredited lab to be analyzed by a lab technician trained in mold testing. From there we will compile a report that will detail the specific types of mold found and the number of mold spores per cubic meter.

Step 5: Findings Report

As soon as we receive the report from the lab your Atlanta mold inspector will review it and go over the details with you. Next we will provide you with our step-by-step protocols on how to remove the mold. As soon as the process of mold removal is done we will send our mold inspector back to the property to take final samples and make sure that the mold remediation was done properly and completely.

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