Why Test?

moldy room

Why Use a Mold Inspection Service?

Atlanta Mold Inspection services are of critical importance to the health and safety of your family and the integral structure of your home. Mold inspections are important because:

  1. In order to detect the presence and species of mold on surfaces as well as the air mold testing must be done.
  2. A proper mold inspection will identify the type/species of mold and allow us to devise a strategy to remove it.
  3. A baseline can be set by a mold inspector that can the progress of the mold removal.
  4. Potentially health hazardous mold can be identified from mold testing.
  5. By knowing the severity of the mold situation you can make an educated decision on what your next step will be.
  6. Most potential home-buyers, real estate brokers, and mortgage companies use mold testing reports to reassure the sale/living status of a property.
  7. Cases of mold infestation are becoming more likely these days in the court systems and a mold testing report can be used as clear and objective proof in any such case.

Use Atlanta Mold Inspection Services

  • To determine if you have an issue with mold in your home
  • Call Atlanta Mold Testing if there is a lingering musty odor in your home
  • If you have a leak that has been persistant for more than a day
  • If you are having experiencing respiratory issues that are not explainable
  • After going through a flood or similar water damage
  • If you start to see strange spots on the ceiling, walls, or other surfaces in your home
  • If you are looking into a home that was previously owned

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