Mold Catastrophe at Greenville, SC Apartments


Mold Contamination in Greenville, SC’s Evergreen Place Apartments

In Greenville, South Carolina Evergreen Place Apartments fights the problem of extensive mold growth. There have been a sizeable group of tenants claiming to be sick from a continuing mold growth that is occurring in the apartment complex.

One victim, Connie Clark said “I’ve got it in my lungs and I’ve got it in my chest.” She had been suffering from what seems to be serious allergic reactions within her apartment. It is so bad that she had been prescribed medication to help treat the allergic reactions. She had to wear a medical mask before taking a shower in her own home. She is now staying with a friend because the mold infestation was so bad. More on this story can be found at:

What do the current and former tenants do to be re-compensated for their illnesses, medical bills, and so on due to the mold infestation in their apartments? If they were compelled enough to proceed with litigation for the negligence of the property managers they will need a mold inspection by a credible third party mold inspection company.

The mold inspection company will take samples and deliver them to an AIHA accredited laboratory for testing and analysis. Once the results come back and prove the existence of mold the apartment renter will have the necessary proof to show the courts in their case.

They should also consult the mold inspector about the length of time the mold inspector believes the mold growth has been going on. This should be in writing and signed by the licensed mold inspector. If the mold inspector were to agree that the mold growth was far enough along to only be caused by negligence of the property managers then the renters have all of the proof necessary to show negligence on the behalf of the property managers.

Keep these tips in mind if you are experiencing a similar situation. If you are renting an apartment or house, and you suspect a mold problem, let your property managers know so they can take the steps needed to rid your home of mold.

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